EuroClone Embryos@fe II Series workstations
EuroClone Embryos@fe II Series workstations are dedicated to IVF techniques. Temperature, humidity and CO2 concentrations control together with an aseptic working conditions environment are key factors for a successful and reliable process. EuroClone Embryos@fe Series is also available as vertical laminar air flow recirculating version for ART techniques. They are equipped with two HEPA H14 Class Filters with 99.995% overall collection efficiency on 0.1-0.2 μm and provide partial recirculation (70% re-circulates through main HEPA H14 filter; 30% exhausts through the exhaust HEPA H14 filter) to ensure Product, Operator and Environment protection against pathogens / potential pathogens of risk group level 1-2-3 according to WHO